Angeli Janos

Chairman of the BIX Committee

Budapest Internet Exchange

Council of Hungarian Internet Providers

Bodecs Bela

member of board

Council of Hungarian Internet Providers 


Coffin Jane


Ms. Coffin is the Director of Development strategy at the Internet Society (www.internetsociety.org). Her work focuses on coordination of strategies and projects for expanding Internet infrastructure, access, and related capacities. She manages a global Internet exchange point (IXP) project, working closely with ISOC’s chapters, teams, and Internet community partners. Prior to joining ISOC, Ms. Coffin worked on Internet and telecommunications policy issues for NTIA/OIA, and was an active participant in Internet discussions in the ITU, OAS-CITEL, and OECD. Jane worked on issues related to open Internet standards (BGP, IPv4, IPv6, MPLS), and was an advocate for the deployment of IXPs, Vice-Chair of the Federal IPv6 Task Force, and Vice-Chair of the ITU Council Child Online Protection Working Group, From 2002-2006, she was Chief of Party and Deputy Chief of Party on USAID projects in Moldova and Armenia. Jane worked with regulators, policy-makers, IFIs and development organizations, senior officials, ISPs, and stakeholders on regulatory strengthening, market access/competition, and liberalization/privatization activities. Prior to that, Ms. Coffin worked for AT&T as a Director of International Affairs/Government Affairs, working on VOIP, ENUM, and ICAIS, and was a Rapporteur in ITU-D Study Group 1 for universal access/service in rural/remote areas.

Csaba Mate

Mate Csaba is network engineer at the National Information Infrastructure Development Institute, which runs the Hungarian Academic Network NIIFI (AS1955). He has several certifications within the router and switch environment and he is the author of freerouter and rtros.

Csorba Ferenc

Ferenc Csorba is a Trainer at the RIPE NCC. He graduated from the University of Technology in Vienna with a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering and successfully completed his CCNA in 2013. Ferenc is responsible for the ongoing development of the RIPE Database Training Course. He gives training courses throughout Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia on a number of topics, including: Local Internet Registries (LIR), IPv6, and the Routing Registry. He also gives presentations at conferences and industry events. Ferenc speaks English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian and intermediate level Russian.

Filip Ondrej

Ondrej studied Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University and University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (MBA). During his studies at Charles University, he started to work at IPEX a.s. Later he became Technical director and Member of board there. Ondřej has been CEO of the CZ.NIC association since December 2004. Along with his duties at CZ.NIC Ondřej serves on the boards of NIX.CZ (Neutral Internet Exchange), Euro-IX (European Internet Exchange Association) and DNS OARC (The Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Centre). He is a member of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group, which assists the Secretary General of United Nations in convening the Internet Governance Forum. He was a member of cons council (Country Code Names Supporting Organisation) at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and is now a member of important and prestigious Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC). In his free time, Ondřej likes playing basketball, travelling or programming of open source software. He speaks English and German fluently.

Hlavacek Tomas

Tomas Hlavacek works for CZ.NIC as a R&D programmer. He contributes to several Open Source projects both outside and within CZ.NIC and his focus is Internet routing, measurements and statistics.

Kolar Filip

An account manager responsible for a telco customer segment in Central Europe. More than 15 years of experience from various sales and product management positions from both operator’s and supplier’s side.


Lindqvist Kurt Erik


Kurt Erik "Kurtis" Lindqvist, born 1974 in Finland, has been part of settingup 3 successful ISPs. He went on to work on the pan-European networkarchitecture and integration of country operations for KPNQwest. He was previously the CEO of Netnod of 13 years. Kurt Erik has worked actively as a WG chair in RIPE and the IETF, and served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board 2004-2008. He has also been a board member of Euro-IX since 2002 and since 2003 served as the chairman.

Loibl Christoph

Christoph Loibl is network architect at next layer communications (nextlayer.at). His responsibilities include network engineering, scaling, technology and innovations. He has profound experience in large scale MPLS backbone design and in the design of fiber- and DSL-access/aggregation networks. After many years of experience as Internet IP/MPLS architect Christoph joined next layer in 2013. Since then he also played a major role in their DDoS mitigation service design.

Meinders Stefan

Stefan Meinders, Sales Engineer at Deepfield takes care of customers like Internet Service Providers, Mobile Operators, Cloud Service Providers and large enterprises. As an ISP technology & network security expert with more than 10 years of experience, Stefan develops high sophisticated solutions for customers globally. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences - Emden/Leer - with a degree in Computer Science, Subject: Networked Automation Systems.

Michl Harald

Harald is in charge of the operational coordination of the Austrian Academic Computer Network ACOnet (http://www.aco.net) and the Vienna Internet eXchange VIX (http://www.vix.at). Harald is also an active participant of international working groups within RIPE and Euro-IX and the community of NREN operators. He has been a board member of Euro-IX since October 2013 and also one of the co-authors of the IXP-wishlist (https://www.euro-ix.net/ixp-wishlist), a document that defines features that should be supported by network-equipment for running an IXP.

Oravec Martin

Martin Oravec – A System Engineer at F5 Networks focused on solutions for telco customer within Central Europe. More than 20 years of experience with Core network design by working for several global operators and top telco suppliers.


Panigl Christian

Christian Panigl has been involved in the development and operation of the Austrian research network ACOnet (www.ACO.net) since 1986, starting at the University of Technology in Vienna, in the context of RARE and COSINE. In 1992, the whole ACOnet team and their responsibilities moved to the University of Vienna, joining forces with other international networking activities. Christian has been in charge of the Vienna Internet eXchange (www.VIX.at) since its creation in 1996 and was also a founding member of the executive board of the Euro-IX.net association from 2001 to 2008. He has been formally leading the ACOnet & Vienna Internet eXchange division at the University of Vienna since 2008.

Pavlu Petr

Petr Pavlu is a Director of Systems Engineering, EMEAR Central, Cisco Systems. After graduating in Computer Science from Czech Technical University in Prague, and after completing the postgraduate study, Petr Pavlu has started his professional career in IT and telecommunications in 1992. Before joining Cisco Systems in 1998 he worked in Digital Equipment Corporation and Andersen Consulting as a technical sales support engineer, consultant and project manager. He was focused primarily on network technologies and solutions, and on networking aspects of business applications. In Cisco Systems, Petr Pavlu worked in various international teams, supporting channel partners and customers in different regions, primarily Central and Eastern Europe. He was responsible for technical sales support, consulting and systems engineering team management, and for business development associated with Cisco enterprise technical architectures. He holds CCIE certification in Routing and Switching. Petr Pavlu is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and in his current role he is responsible for technical presales organization of Cisco in the region of EMEAR Central.


Radovcic Serge

Expertise: RIPE Labs, RIPE NCC and RIPE community, Regional Internet Registry, RIPE NCC Services

Serge is the Chief Communications Officer for the RIPE NCC. He is responsible for the RIPE NCC's Communications Department, the Web Services Team and RIPE Labs. One of his primary tasks is to continuously build on and enhance the robust RIPE community that currently exists. Internal and external communication form an integral part of the continuity of the organisation and a major focus has been placed on these areas. The RIPE NCC websites play an essential role in establishing first-line contact with RIPE NCC members and the wider RIPE community. Our team works hard to ensure that the websites provide information that is concise and easy to access. Before joining the RIPE NCC in 2011, Serge was the Secretary General of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX) for more than 10 years. This role brought him in close contact with more than 100 Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) from not only Europe but around the globe and has given him a great understanding and appreciation of how IXPs operate. He has also been working closely with key players in establishing both the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX) and the Latin American Internet Exchange Association (LAC-IX) as well as actively participating in more than 30 RIPE and RIPE NCC Regional meetings throughout the Europe and the Middle East. Serge has a very strong affinity with the European peering community and as a result has been chairing the European Peering Forums since their inception in 2006. He plays an active role on various programme committees including those of Euro-IX, Eurasia Network Operators' Group (ENOG) and the RIPE NCC Regional Meetings. Serge had an integral role in organising the first "Setting up an IXP" conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010.


Semrad Martin

Martin Semrad has been involved in the Internet business since 1996. In 2000 he founded the company NETWAY.CZ, providing housing services and wireless internet access. His company became a member of NIX.CZ in 2004. He is also the founder and CEO of i-registry, the .co.cz domain registry.  

In 2008 he was elected as a member of the Supervisory Board of NIX.CZ (the largest Neutral Internet eXchange in the Czech Republic) and in 2010 he became the Director of NIX.CZ where he is busily applying his rich experience of the Internet environment.

Spatharas Evangelos

Evangelos Spatharas is a network security engineer on GÉANT. His main responsibilities are securing the GÉANT network infrastructure and monitoring and investigating incidents. An active member of the TF-CSIRT community. He has a range of certifications from ITIL, ISO27001 LI to JNCIA bundled with hands-on experience. In his spare time he enjoys running, swimming, scripting and movies.

Stucchi Massimiliano

Massimiliano Stucchi is a trainer at the RIPE NCC. In his position he travels around the RIPE region to perform training sessions on how to best use assigned resources. He has previously been CTO, founder and owner of an ISP/ITSP/WISP and also a consultant with experience ranging from web technologies to carrier-grade networking topics. He is vice president of the Italian FreeeBSD Users Group (GUFI), and in his spare time he enjoys running and hiking in the mountains.

Waldner Robert

Robert Waldner is a security engineer at the Austrian National CERT (CERT.at). His main duties are consulting in the case of security incidents and everything related to UNIX/Linux systems administration. He has been a network engineer at EUnet/KPNQwest around the time of Y2k, and a security consultant for a couple years afterwards. Robert joined CERT.at in 2008. Since then he's also coordinating the daily standard tasks for CERT.at (sending out nocties/complaints etc.)

Wollny Walt

Walt Wollny is the Director of Interconnection Strategy (Hurricane Electric). Supporting Hurricane Electric global network reach to over 22 countries and over 121 Internet Exchanges. Focus on global connectivity and new markets. Walt has been working in the in the Internet industry for over 20 years. Before Hurricane Electric, Walt was an IP Business Development Manager at Amazon supporting over 64 new CDN builds including new markets including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Philippines and Australia.
CEE Peering Days is an international conference of experts directed at network engineers, peering coordinators, internet providers, cloud administrators and data centre operators in the Central and Eastern European Region.
Since 2013 the conference regularly attracts around 200 participants and has been continuously supported by sponsors from the Telecommunication and IT community from across Europe.
The programme combines technical workshops with professional presentations and offers plenty of time and space for social networking and bilateral talks.
The conference in 2016 is planned as a two-day event at the Hilton Budapest City Hotel and will include a social evening in the centre of Budapest on 30th March.
The conference will be hosted by NIX.CZ, NIX.SK, VIX.at and new host BIX.hu.
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This project is part financed by the European Union from the START Danube Region Project Fund.